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Check Your Blog Weight?
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 5:33:00 PM | 1 comments

You know? Why you have to check your blog weight? Very important to me to do this. Because, you have to know how people to visit your blog, is that slow respond/connection or not. If that happen, slow connection, people will be bored to wait the time. True or false? I'm sure you ever experienced it. Now, just follow my instruction! :) 

1. Open here or click "Website Speed Test" for the fast way.
2. Write your link inside the column "Enter Website Address", something like..
3. Then press enter or click (*&*) "START TEST"
4. Look the result!

Don't let your blog weight over then 1000.0 KB, dangernono. That will crash your blog and make slow connection (loading). Take care of your blog :) bye! Good luck!
Anonymous Dinda said...

Thanks tutonya, Kak! =)


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