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Happy Birthday Jung Daehyun Oppa #love
Sunday, June 29, 2014 | 2:10:00 PM | 0 comments

Annyeong Guys^^ Yesterday was... "Daehyun Oppa Day!!". Exactly at 28th June. So, now unnie will celebrate it, okay :)
Happy Birthday my Lovely Oppa ^^ saranghae
  • Keep Success forever with BAP
  • Keep be the casual, don't be like Yogguk -,-"
  • Keep Handsome, Cool, and Cute ^^
  • Keep be have good at vocal
  • Keep together with BAP
  • BAP will be the winner in the future, hahahahaaaaa..... Amin
 I'll will be your fans girl forever, will be support you and BAP until ..... -.-
I love love love love You.
Okay, unnie will give Guys Daehyun Photos, cyubtaa ^^

See the handsome oppa. Yuukkk....


Flower boy? Yes, he can be.
Short Story about Daehyun Oppa #handsome o_O


hihihihiii :]

Don't be weird Oppa --"

Jung Daehyun MV ^^





About Oppa :)


Type of Oppa :D If Guys want to read, just click the picture ! ^^

Okay, below this is the LAST photo of Handsome Oppa^^
----once more----
Okay...that is My Handsome Dae Oppa, hehe...
Sorry if to many that photos, but I like it....
"Happy Dae Oppa"
Khamsahamnida ^^

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