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Add Followers Box
Tuesday, December 22, 2015 | 11:47:00 AM | 1 comments

I will help you how to add followers box 
for 'BlogSkins'.
Okay, now, follow this step!
     1. Dasboard > Template> Upgrade Template 
(click the picture to look)
     2. And then click view blog, view your blog.

Oh yeah.. if you didn't add followers box yet then follow this step!

     1. Go to Layout / Tata Letak
     2. Then click add gadget on sidebar, and then choose More Gadgets
     3. Scroll down, the last gadget will be Followers,
     4. So click the Followers button! 
     5. SAVE!
*if you confused click this link*
A. CLICK ME!          B. CLICK ME!
add followers box finish, we will continue to add followers box to BlogSkins!

     3. After view your blog, you will see your followers box there.
     4. Press ctrl+u , see the pages source. 
     5. Press ctrl+f , find friendconnect code!
     6. After you find it, that's mean you already found the followers box code.
      Copy the followers box code, start from <script type="text/javascript"> until this code!
locale: 'en' },

     A. CLICK ME!          B. CLICK ME!          C. CLICK ME!

     7. Copy your followers box code, paste at Notepad.
     8. Now, go back to your Dashboard > Template
     9. And then "Revert to classic template" !
    10. Now, put your followers box code, to your side bar BlogSkins code, yeay!
    11. Save! 

Hope this help you^^
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