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Website To Download/Streaming
Tuesday, December 22, 2015 | 6:08:00 PM | 5 comments

          Nowadays, watching a movie, drama, and variety show are a trending topics and will always be like that.. hha! Yeah you know it, when it's holiday, maybe some of you are just get bored while staying at home with nothing to do. Now, i'm here.. the purpose of telling this is i want to help you to not be bored at home. What's the point is if there's a real high speed wifi around you but is not in use ( optimally ) :v
          And, beside that.. actually you really want to watch/download a movie or music, but you don't know the website where to get streaming that are free, original, HD, complete, up to date, famous, useful, and satisfy. Okay, i hope you Guys haply, let's just get to the list!

    1. Website To Streaming Movie, Drama, Anime

  • (subtitle Indonesia : West Movie, Japan Movie, Korean Movie, Korean Drama, Indian Movie, Anime, Mandarin Movie, TV Series, and you also can request a movie) 
  • (use your own subtitle, find the subtitle here!)
  • (subtitle Indonesia : West and Asian Movies)
  • (English Subtitle : Korean Movie, Korean Show and Variety, Korean Drama, Chinese Drama, Hong Kong Drama, Japanese Drama, Taiwanese Drama, Thailand Drama)
  • (English Subtitle : Japanese Drama, Korean Drama with high quality, recommended by Syamsid)
  • (English subtitle Anime)
  • (English Subtitle and Dubbed Anime)
  • (English Subtitle with high quality, recommended by Syamsid)
    2. Website To Download Music & Album
    3. Website To Download Drama, Movie, Variety Show
  • (English subtitle : Korean Movie, Korean Show and Variety, Korean Drama, Chinese Drama, Hong Kong Drama, Japanese Drama, Taiwanese Drama, Thailand Drama)
  • (small size HD - Korean Movie, Drama, Variety Show, find the subtitle here!)
  • (HD EngSub and IndoSub - Korean Movie, Drama, West Movie, find the subtitle here!)
  • (West Movie, find the subtitle here!) -currently off-

Nah, that's it! I hope you satisfied Guys, I've tried my best!
Oh yeah, if you have suggestion for another better website to streaming, download, kind of movies, dramas, musics, anime, please comment below!
I will very thanked to you^^ and Enjoy your holiday!

Blogger Syamsid Dhuha said...

I will suggest one more websites seems like I'm an anime lover and also J culture , I recommend for anime first , the websites so far is / and for J drama I suggest - . both are great place to watch , more than that Kissasian also provide korean drama as well :) . Thanks for sharing btw

- Syamsid Blog -

Blogger Shafa Afa said...

Thank you, Dear ~^^~

Anonymous melody.s said...

excuse me, I want a little added
a website download and streaming

hmm thank you sist

Blogger Nada Celesta A. said...

Wow thanks infonyaa!
Tapi sayang banget yang di aku nggak bisa kebuka karena "muatan konten negatif sesuai dengan Peraturan Menteri Kominfo No 19 Tahun 2014 tentang Penanganan Situs Internet Bermuatan Negatif" -_______- ahahah

Anonymous WWE Theme Songs said...

yes... thanks so much.

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